Proud of Tunisian people!

UPDATE:  After writing the article below, an online interview was made with my Tunisian friend and as a results this article appeared in the Romanian online news:   B.Houcem a discutat online despre revolta din Tunisia: “Guvernul tunisian: primul guvern doborat de Facebook”

UPDATE 2:  This is a video created as a memory of what happened during the Tunisian revolution 2011.

In Tunisia there is a difficult moment, a popular revolution is going on right now, street manifestations are happening since December 2010 and have its high tension right these days, in January  2011 (read more about it in the wiki about Tunisian protests 2010-2011). 

I have been talking about what’s happening there with my Tunisian friends that are now in the middle of the events …they shared some really incredible videos and info these days, so I’ll give you here some first hand information. … they do not have acces to youtube in Tunisia (read the human rights section from the wiki info on Tunisia), so all the videos are from facebook…you might get or not access to them depending on their restrictions for friends or for everyone.  Let me know for which links you have problems and if possible, I’ll see if those settings can be changed to be available for everyone, not just for friends.

More photos from the independence day of Tunisa, 14 January 2011 can be found on this album and a small selection below:

Long days in the street, fighting for their country and freedom

Long nights, protecting homes and families

Their words in the end:

“We do not need any help,
We do not want any pity,
We will fight against any interference
We just need you to remember that people died for Dignity & Freedom
& We will show to the world how we honor the blood shed to ensure a better future to the next generations
Ben Ali, you are welcome in Tunisia for your Trial !
Tunisian Students in Munich”

Wrap up  about Tunisia:

Small country, great nation. First Arab country that abolished slavery in 1848. First Arab country to establish a constitution in 1861. First Arab country to abolish polygamy in 1956. And these days Tunisia is the first Arab country to kick out its dictator and this without the help of any foreign nation! Proud of Tunisian people! Viva la revolucion! 🙂

I’m hoping they’ll have the strength to go through all these moments and be safe with their families, and this will be the start of better moments for them.


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