2011 – Troubled revolution year!

2011 is a really troubled year, revolution ignited in the Arab world with Tunisia, and now Egypt is on the hot spot….What happened to fire up the arab nations and bring them into revolution one by one?

The first Arab country to start protests was Tunisia. Read the article “Proud of Tunisian people!” to see what happened in Tunisia.

Today I was talking with my friend that is visiting her family in Egypt and she told me that the Tunisian revolution gave strength and motivation throughout the entire arab world and inspired the current revolution taking place in Egypt now, see these links here, here, and here.   “Egypt gets its Tiananmen square moment. Man bravely stands in front of armored vehicle! Must watch! http://mar.gy/DGJh #Jan25#Egypt”  

Thursday, 27 Jan at 12, a post on facebook was saying:  “Revolution in EGYPT!! The media in here is trying to hide it!! Check ONLINE! Use #Jan25 on twitter or google live search!!”   From what I heard, Twitter is blocked  in Egypt and for a while, Facebook was also, but in the afternoon it was working…..

Friday, since midnight, the latest tweets are only from outside Egypt ( check  tweets with #jan25 here and with #egypt here)  and are talking about the fact that the Friday protests planned by the protestants are facing a major communication blackout, with the entire internet down, and tomorrow it is expected to have all landlines and mobile communications down. :(( “Reports of videos, pictures, status updates getting deleted from Facebook pages supporting protesters, FB new battle front now#jan25”   “Everything ██is█████ ████ ████fine ███ █ ████ love. ████ █████ the ███ Egypt ███ ████ government ██#jan25 #Egypt #censorship”   is what one tweet says…..  And as I read in the latest tweets, ( the authorities are now setting things and cars on fire so that they can say that the protests were responsible for this “Police agents are pouring petrol in all main squares to light them up during protests. Please retweet & Share #Egypt #Jan25:((  I’m really really worried for the safety of my Cairo friends :”((

With all these pressures and censorship, tweets are still encouraging strength and bring new perspectives and motivation for the Egyptian people.  “sorry… arabic people are formatting their countries… please wait :)”,  “Communication could be shut off, determination could not…. #Jan25 #Egypt””, “They want power. We want freedom. They have guns. We have cellphones. They’re ready 2 kill. We’re willing 2 die 4 better tomorrow#jan25”  “Be smart. Be safe. Stand proud. RT @Tharwacolamus#Egyptbraces itself for biggest day of protests yet: http://goo.gl/KOBeg#jan25

I’m looking forward to what’s going to happen next in the Arab world, since Egypt is the nation that can make the whole arab world change a lot.  Wishing safety for my friend, her family and nation,  strength, freedom and good outcome for Egypt and the arab world after these street movements.


Friday, 28 Jan:

Live blogging with what’s happening in Egypt…or better said what info reaches outside Egypt

So far 2day? Attacks on protesters, press. ‘net, cell phone svc cut. Nobel laureate arrested & day still young #Egypt

“Governments are the single point of failure for the internet” http://bit.ly/hQo8zz

Shocking Vodafone on #Egypt “All mobile operators been instructed to suspend…we are obliged to comply” http://awurl.com/VQAorxmCW

Support for the disconnected of Egypt

An egyptian girl, Negma, talking about what was happening in Egypt on Thursday,  and the conversationwas blocked at one moment and the connection was lost


Read these  tweets directly from Egypt,  this girl appeared again 30 min ago, she found a place where she could acceess internet. Some of her tweets: “You can strike me with a bullet, but you can’t take away my dignity#EgyPolice #Mubarak #Egypt #Jan25“, “The government have blocked everything because they are soo afraid, but the people are not and will not give up!!”,  “CHANGE IS HERE ..PEOPLE WILL NOT STOP UNTIL MUBARAK IS OUT!!!”, ” i don’t have net access for long, but all i want to say …I AM SOO PROUD OF BEING EGYPTIAN”,  “I have internet access from an ‘unknown’ location, the people are in MILLIONS in the streets and will NOT stop until MUBARAK is OUT!” “so many people have died, hospitals are in need of blood, please tell everyone u know to donate blood at hospitals”, “the riot police was shooting at us with shrapnel bullets, live bullets, water canon, rocks, and of course TEARGAS..”, “IT WAS RAINING U.S.-MADE TEARGAS ON PEACEFUL EGYPTIAN PROTESTERS CUZ THEY’RE DEMANDING DIGINITY, JUSTICE,& FREEDOM MR.OBAMA, R U LISTENING?”, “Egyptian State-owned media is showing nothing from whatr’s really happening and trying to minimize it, BUT IT IS SOOOO HUGE!”, “Demands are:1) MUBARAK OUT! 2)Dissmisal of gov & parliament 3)Provisional government until free and fair elections >>4m the Egyptian People!”, “I WANT TO THANK EVERY TUNISIAN FOR LIBERATING EGYPT AS WELL”, “NO I DON’T HAVE INTERNET, this is just a happy moment at a ‘location’ where they have internet, i can’t say where” , “Internet is still down in all Egypt..curfew moved to 4 pm from 6 pm, only mobile connection is back”, “American people need to press on their hypocritical governement to dismiss Mubarak because he is ruthless and he has to leave”,  “American people, ur tax-paying money is going to dictators like Mubarak to throw Egyptians with tear gas & bullets for asking for our rights”, “will the army be with the people? I think they will never shoot at the people, they are there only to protect ..the police is out”

And if she stops tweeting and has no more internet, this egyptian journalists writes from usa about everything that  appears on twitter
And this is live TV AlJazeera in English


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